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Maha Mrityunjaya Homam

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A shield against untimely death, the Maha Mruityunjaya Homam is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Homam is perfor More Details

Pilgrimaide Promise

Maha mrityunjaya homam is an immensely powerful ritual and has to be done according to the procedures specified in Vedic scriptures. Utmost devotion and proficient priests can give you the maximum benefits of this homam. Unavailability of quality puja materials and connectivity to accomplished priests to perform the rituals are usually the obstacles for performing this puja. Pilgrimaide understands this and strives to provide you with a trustworthy, helping hand to fulfill your religious and puja needs. We will connect you with highly experienced priests and provide you with service that is professional, credible and value for the price.

We have chosen the most skilled priests who would help you get the maximum benefit of the pujas. Connect with a priest in your neighbourhood to do Maha mrityunjaya homam.

A shield against untimely death, the Maha Mruityunjaya Homam is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Homam is performed to triumph over Mrityu or death. Praying to Lord Shiva, the ‘destroyer and transformer’ within the Trimurthi, through the Mrityunjaya homam, is believed to favour the devotees with long life and happiness.


The rituals begin with prayer to Ganesha followed by Kumbha Sthaapanam (placement of the sacred water pot), Veda Parayanam (recitation of hymns from the Holy Vedas) and Navaavarana Shri Yantra Puja (worship of the Goddess in the 9 enclosures of the Shree Yantra). The Rudra Homam and Maha-mrityunjaya Homam is performed where Lord Shiva is worshipped through the sacred fire along with the vibrating chants of Maha mrityunjaya mantra. The puja ends with Purnahuti (final offerings to the sacred fire). 

An extremely powerful homam, the ritual is believed to protects devotees against all dangers, evil spirits and negativities in life, and bless them with long life. People going through the life threatening diseases/health issues or various kinds of ‘doshas’ can benefit from performing the homam. It is believed to give the worshipers an armour of protection against all adversities.