Ganesh Puja Samagri (30 Items)



One of the best known and most worshipped deities of Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is invoked for his blessings More Details

Abhir,Agarbathi / Incense stick,Akshat Rice - White,Akshat Rice - Yellow,Altar cloth - Red Cloth for Asan ,Aromatic Oil (Itra ),Ashtagandha powder,Betelnut (Supari),Camphor (Karpoor),Cardamom (Elichi ),Chunari,Cloves (Laung),Colored Thread (Kalava /maoli /Raksha sutra),Cotton wicks long (vatis),Cotton wicks Round (vatis) Darbha grass (sacred grass),Dhoop batti / Dhoop incense,Dried turmeric tubers (Khadi Haldi) ,Dry Dates (kharik ) ,Gangajal (Holy Water),Holy Thread (Janeu ),Honey (Shahad / Madhu),Kapus vastra,Kumkum (Roli) ,Pooja book - Ganesh pooja book,Rangoli powder,Raw almond (Badam),Rose water,Sandal powder (Chandan powder),Sindoor,Sugar Candy for offering (Mishri),Thoran,Turmeric powder (Haldi powder),Vibhooti (Bhasma Poojan) 

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Ganesh Puja Vidhi 

Ganesha puja on the Chaturthi day is usually performed as per the Muhurat.  

The first step of the puja is to prepare the Kalash - fill it with clean water, add to the water supari, coins, aromatic oil, haldi and kumkum, place 5 paan leaves, and finally the coconut. Decorate the coconut and the paan leaves. Next, prepare the sthaan where Ganpati will sit. This is done by spreading a handful of raw rice grains on the place. Over the rice grains, place one supaari and put haldi and kumkum on the supari and place dakshina.  Subsequently you have to invoke Ganesha into the image. This is known as Pran Prathishta. The Pran Prathista mantra is chanted. Once this is done, spread 5 paan leaves. Over each of the paan leaf, keep 1 supari each, haldi and kumkum. Place 1 akhrot, 1 badaam, and 1 khareek each on the paan leaves. After that place the five different fruits, one over each paan leaf. 

You can now lift the cloth put over Ganesh Ji when you brought the idol home. 

Decorate the idol with mukut, chains, bracelets and vastra. Put a garland of fresh flowers over the deity. Apply haldi, pinjar, abhir, ashtagandh, sindhoor, sandalwood paste etc the idol’s forehead.  Also, keep pooja dhaga next to Ganpati Bappa, which can later be tied on hands of all family members after the First Aarti. Once the 'Pranpratishtha' is done, light the lamp and incense sticks to please the Lord.  After this you can perform the ' Shhodashopachara ', which is 16 forms of paying tribute to Ganesha. Here you offer Dharba grass blades, Modakas, and flowers to Ganesha. Apply a tilak using Sandalwood paste.  Keep a coconut along with the idol. You can also keep fried grains. On the day of the visarjan, this coconut should also be immersed in the water. 

Next comes the Aarti. Using the wick, make and light the Akhand Jyoti (the lamp), and the aarti thaali which also contains dry fruits and spices. You can now perform the aarti. Honey and sugar candy can be offered to Ganpati. Keep the prasad and Modaks you have prepared in front of Ganesh Ji, and sprinkle with ganga jal.

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One of the best known and most worshipped deities of Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is invoked for his blessings before the beginning of any new journey in life. His puja is believed to grants success, prosperity and protection against adversity. Though he is invoked daily in all Hindu house holds, the time of Ganesh Chathurthi is when the celebration of his holiness assume huge proportions.
An annual festival that honours Ganesha, the Chaturthi, typically falls in late August or early September. During the time, devotees welcome his idol in their house, offer prayers to infuse life into it and after days of worship finally immerse the idol in water. The pious ritual is done in certain sequence or 'puja vidhi' and requires a myriad of items for offerings as well as prayers.
Offerings to the Lord are sacred; it should be the paramount in every aspect of its quality. Ganesh puja requires a variety of items and the accessibility to good quality pooja articles as well as availability of all the items required is a major concern for many devotees. It is here that our Ganesh Puja kit aims to help you. All the items required for invoking the divine power of Ganeshji, of the finest quality, can be purchased as single pack.
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More information on Puja Kit please mail us at : -  Sales@pilgrimaide.com

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