Eco-Friendly Sabarimala Irumudi Kettu Kit



IrumudikettuAs each devotee undertakes his tedious journey through the mountains, forests and along the 18 div More Details

The Packaging and contents of the Irumudi Samagri Kit are Eco-Friendly and abiding the guidelines of  Travancore Devaswom Board.

The products are packed in transparent plastic pouches only for display purpose

Eco Friendly Paper Package Contains :- 29 Items

Agarbathi / Incense stick  (1 Pack), Avil ( Beaten rice) , Betelnut (Supari)  , Black Pepper  , Blouse Piece  , Camphor (Karpoor)  , Cardamom (Elichi )  , Cashewnuts  , Coins for offering (kanikkappanam)  , Cork , Cotton Thread     , Dried turmeric tubers (Khadi Haldi)  , Dry Dates (kharik )   , Dry Ginger    , Honey (Shahad / Madhu)    , Irumudi kettu(bag) (1 Set - 1+2 Bags), Kumkum (Roli) , Poha thick  , Poha thin  , Pulses (Dal)    , Raisins , Rice (Chaval)  , Rose water , Rock Candy(kalkandu)  , Sambarani Powder , Sandal Paste  \ Powder, Turmeric powder (Haldi powder)  , Vibhooti (Bhasma Poojan) , Wax  (1 Piece)

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As each devotee undertakes his tedious journey through the mountains, forests and along the 18 divine steps to the abode of Ayyappa, he carries his 'Irumudikettu', the revered pouch that contains his offerings to the Lord. The two compartment bundle carried on the head by the devotee is an inseparable part of the Sabarimala pilgrimage. Only those with this bundle are allowed through the 18 steps to the 'Sannidhanam'.

The Irumudi is a specially designed bag usually made of cotton cloth with two compartments. The front portion is to keep the offerings and pooja articles to the deities, and the back portion is for the personal belongings of the devotee. Each item in the irumudi, from coconut to betel nuts is symbolic and is associated with various aspects of devotion, purity, sacrifice and ablutions to Lord Ayyappa. A pilgrim carries the irumudi with due reverence. Only those who observe fasting for 41 days are allowed to carry it.

Every offering to the Lord is sacred and should be pure, pristine and authentic. The accessibility to good quality pooja articles in today's adulterated world as well as availability of all the items required is a major concern for many devotees.

It is here that our Irumudi kettu Samagri kit aims to help you. All the items required for the irumudi, paramount in its quality, can be purchased  Online at your convenience as a single pack. We look forward to aid you in your pilgrimage to the revered shrine of Sabarimala.

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