Pariyanampatta Bhagavathy Temple

Pariyanampatta Bhagavathy Temple

Kerala, Palghat

Shrine: Sree Bhagavathy

Situated at Palakkad, Kerala, Pariyanampatta Bhagavathy temple is a famous and ancient temple dedicated to Sree Bhagavathy, known as the Goddess of 14 Desams. The history of the temple dates back to 1400 years.



According to the legends, once a aged Brahmin of Pariyaanampetta Mana undertook a pilgrimage to Mookaambika temple with his servant, who was the head of Chalavara Parola Nair Tharwad near Cheruplassery. After a while the Brahmin got blessings of the Goddess so he decided to return home to spend the rest of his days in piety. However, on reaching the bank of a small stream at Pariyanampetta he felt tired and rested there for some time. While resting there, he untied his bundle of personal belongings. To his dismay he sawa Thidambu (replica of a deity) inside the stocks of his bundle. He realized the real meaning of the development through his wisdom and decided to to make pratishta (installation) of the thidambu there. He summoned peoples of 14 desoms in old Valluvanadu taluk and did the pratishta of the thidambu under the vedic rituals of the main thanthri of Ikkaattumanakkal under the control of desam pramanies (Chiefs) of Kollam, Nallur and Pottekkad Mootha Panickers.


Pariyanampatta Devi temple complex is spread over one acre out of the total eight acres. It has got a sreekovil with a mukha mandapam, dhwajam, deepasthambam, sub-shrine, pattukottil, thidapalli, ootupura and agrasala along with other establishments. There are some exquisite wood carvings at the mukha mandapam (ashta dikpalakas with Sree Chakra at the centre) and the Sree Mukham (motif of Goddess Bhadrakali and heads of elephants on either side).

Darsan Info

Pariyanampatta Devi temple is open from 5 AM to 12 noon and from 5 PM to 8 PM. The Goddess is believed to possess powers of Goddess Saraswathi in the morning, Goddess Bhadrakali at noon and Goddess Vana-Durga at evening. Inside the garbha gruham, there are three darusilpas and one idol of Bhairavan.

Darsan Dresscode: Devotees are supposed to bathe and wear clean clothes before entering the Pariyanampatta Devi temple . Dress code for men is Dhoti or Mundu without shirts or baniyan and Salvar sets and other modern dresses are not allowed for women. Devotees are expected not to smoke or spit inside the Temple, not to use or carry pan masala and such other things inside the Temple, or not to enter the Temple or Temple premises after consuming liquor. Devotees should not throw away the prasadam and theertham received from the Temple and handle them with respect. Cameras, mobile phones, and any other type of electronic equipment are not permitted inside the Temple and photography is strictly prohibited in the Temple premises.


Palakkad is where the cultures of Kerala and Tamil Nadu finds a perfect blend. It is renowned for producing the best genre of artistes.

Language Spoken: Malayalam

Location and Contact

Sree Pariyanampatta Bhagavathy Temple Mangalamkunnu , Kattukulam, Palakkad , Kerala - 679 514

Contact Number : +91 4662261302 /+91 9388813889

Ways to Reach

Pariyanampatta Devi temple is situated 17 km north of Ottappalam at Pariyanampatta on Mannarkadu Road. The temple is just 500 m away from main road and is connected with proper road

Addition Info

  • Hotels Near Pariyanampatta Devi temple
    Hotel Aramana Railway Station Road, Palakkad District, Ottapalam, Kerala 679101 Phone:0466 224 4412 
    Kottaram Hotel Palakkad - Ponnani Rd, Poolakkaparambu, Ottapalam, Kerala 679101 Phone:0466 234 4301 
    Kelco Residency Sunder Iyer Road, Near LIC Building, Ottapalam, Kerala 679101 Phone:097449 90000
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Place Name Jan - March April - June July - Sept Oct - Dec
Max-Temparture 35oC 34oC 29oC 32oC
Min-Temparture 22oC 24oC 23oC 23oC

Temple Rituals

Darika vadhom Pattu is special for the Pariyanampatta Devi temple . Devotees come to the temple on first Sunday, Tuesday and Friday of every Malayalam month

Special Rituals

Pallipana and Kalippana are special offerings at Pariyanampatta Devi temple .

Pooja Timing

Pariyanampatta Devi temple is open from 5 AM to 12 noon and from 5 PM to 8 PM. Five poojas are done daily - Usha Pooja (6 AM), Ethirthu Pooja (8 AM), Pantheeradi Pooja (10 AM), Uchcha Pooja (11 AM) and Athazha Pooja (7:30 PM).

Regular Offerings

Chantattam, Raktha Pushapanjali, neypayasam, panapayasam, Trikala pooja and Udayasthamana Pooja


February/March : Annual Festival

July/August : Special Pooja
November/December : Thrikarthika Vilakku
Valiya aratt, Moorthy Aattam, Kalaela, Thira, Pootam and Ratha Vela mark the annual festival.

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  • Palakkad
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  • Coimbatore International Airport
  • Nearby Railway Station

  • Ottapalam
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